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Musical Instrument Rentals

When It comes to making good music and putting on a great show, there are far more people involved than just the artist, behind the scenes is an entire team of people responsible for helping the artist create the trademark sound and put on the spectacular performance fans expect and deserve.  James"J.R."Newkirk is one of the most skilled and experienced members of the behind-the-scenes team.

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina,  James (J.R.) Newkirk Possesses talents that have  made him highly respected and in-demand. His expertise extends from the studio to the stage. Stage management and proficiency as backline technician has contributed to outstanding live performances all over the world. J.R. has never met a  job he couldn't handle-from intimate church functions to full-scale international concert tours with major artist such as Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Prince,  just to name a few. The quality, efficiency and professionalism of J.R.'s work has already earned him a strong reputation with many of the respected names in the industry.